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Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

The Starominskaya District is located in the northwestern part of the Krasnodar Region. It shares its borders with the Azov District of the Rostov Region in the north; with the Kushchyovskaya District in the east; with the Kanevskaya and Leningradskaya Districts in the south, and with the Shcherbinovskiy District in the west.

The international airport and river port of the city of Rostov-on-Don are located 120 km from the district center; the seaport of the city of Yeysk is located 60 km from the district center, and the seaport of the city of Azov, the Rostov region, is located 80 km from the district center. The proximity to Yeysk and Azov Seaports determines the great potential of the district. The geographical location of the district, the presence of a developed transport infrastructure suggests a unique opportunity for the development of logistics centers, transshipment facilities, parking lots for heavy vehicles, recreational facilities, and large-scale agricultural processing industries in its territory.

The territory includes 5 rural settlements: Starominskoye (29,921 people), Kanelovskoye (4,797 people), Kuybyshevskoye (2,089 people), Rassvetovskoye (2,728 people), and Novoyasenskoye (1,042 people). There are 21 settlements in the territory of the district including 3 Cossack villages, 7 large villages, 10 farms, and 1 village. The district center is the Cossack village of Starominskaya.


Agriculture in the Starominskaya District is one of the main sectors of the economy. About 2 thousand people work at the enterprises of the agricultural complex of the district. Agricultural production of the district specializes in crop and dairy farming.

In the first half of this year, the volume of products shipped by large and medium-sized agricultural enterprises of the district amounted to 719.5 million rubles, which is 37.6% lower than in the same period in 2020.

Grain production is the main direction in crop farming. In 2021, the cultivated area of agricultural crops by farms of the agricultural complex of the Starominskaya District amounted to 80,581 hectares.


The industry of the Starominskaya District includes manufacturing enterprises (food production; beverage production; manufacture of rubber and plastic products; manufacture of machinery and equipment; repair and installation of machinery and equipment), enterprises providing electricity, gas, and steam and water supply enterprises.

About 17% of the total number of employees are engaged in the industry. The volume of shipped industrial products in value terms for 9 months of 2021 amounted to 7,026 million rubles.

Manufacturing enterprises account for the essential share of the industry. Their contribution to the formation of the total volume of industrial output is over 70%.

Consumer market

The consumer market remains stable and is characterized by a high level of food and non-food products fill rate. As of October 1, 2021, 531 objects of the consumer sphere operate in the territory of the Municipal Formation Starominskaya District, among which there are as follows:

  • 378 retail facilities, of which 181 are engaged in the retail of food products and 197 in non-food products (including 16 pharmacies);
  • 60 public catering enterprises for 3,144 seats, of which: 33 enterprises of a public network, 26 canteens (1 is at industrial enterprise, 1 is at a commercial institution, 14 are at agricultural enterprises, 1 is at a vocational training college, and 9 are at secondary educational institutions), and 1 seasonal cafe;
  • 62 objects providing personal services;
  • 29 objects in the field of servicing vehicles (car service stations, car washes, and spare-car-part shops);
  • 1 shopping center (Vybor LLC);
  • 1 Trio shopping center.

The number of seats for public network catering enterprises per 1,000 residents of the Starominskaya District is 33.63.

Despite the high provision of the population with objects of trade, public catering, and consumer services, new objects of the consumer sphere continue to open in the Starominskaya District.

The retail trade turnover for large and medium-sized enterprises of all types of activity in January-September 2021 amounted to 2,548.2 million rubles, which is higher than the level of 2020 by 17.7%, or 384.1 million rubles.

The turnover of catering for large and medium-sized enterprises in the district amounted to 26.6 million rubles, which is 3 times higher than the level of the last year.

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurship

A high level of development of entrepreneurship is a necessary component in ensuring the stability of the social and economic development of the district. The small business of the district provides jobs for more than 3 thousand people.

Following the results of the 3rd quarter of 2021, the total number of small and medium-sized enterprises amounted to 1,334, which is by 87, or 6.1%, less than last year. The number of medium-sized enterprises amounted to 4. Following the results of the 3rd quarter of 2021, the number of individual entrepreneurs amounted to 1,194.

The share of small and medium-sized enterprises in the total number of economic entities of the Municipal Formation Starominskaya District increased in comparison with the same period and amounted to 87.5%, which is by 7.2% higher than last year.

The indicator of the population employed in small and medium-sized enterprises increased by 3.1%, or by 113 people.

Following the results of the 3rd quarter of 2021, there is an increase in the turnover of small and medium-sized enterprises; the growth rate of this indicator increased by 4.3% and is 7,445 million rubles.